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June 30th, 2011 at 12:36 pm

Visiting the store, we talked with a group of French ladies who met every Tuesday and were making(tatting) lace. I had never seen it done and was quite fascinated. It is hard to see in the picture but their working surface is a concave dome covered in velvet. They are working with all these bobbin-like tools with beads attached. The intricacy of the work was really remarkable, twisting all the threads and bobbins.

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  1. Sandra Body shares:

    Just a brief note – this is not tatting as that is made with a shuttle – which is shown above the pillow. This is bobbin lace – type is torchon, which is made on a lace pillow using bobbins. The ‘pattern’ is called a ‘pricking’ and pins are used to ‘hold’ the pattern. Hope you find this info. of interest, as it is a hobby of mine.

  2. Julie Cook shares:

    I was about to comment on the fact that this is not tatting, but bobbin lace, but see that someone has pipped me at the post.

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